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Resources & Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to purchase a unit to live in a Retirement Home / Residence?

No, accommodations in Retirement Homes are all rentals.

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Are Retirement Homes / Residences licensed?

Retirement Homes in Ontario are licensed under the Retirement Homes Act and covered by the Residential Tenancies Act.  You can find more information on the Ontario Retirement Communities Association website at

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What furniture do I bring to a Retirement Home / Residence?

Most residences have floor plans available so you can plan what furniture, art and accessories you would like to bring prior to your move.

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Do I have to sign a lease in a Retirement Home / Residence?

Retirement Homes are covered under the Residential Tenancies Act. You will sign a Residency Agreement but only 30 days’ notice is required to terminate the agreement.

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What kind of services are provided in Retirement Homes / Residences?

Services vary widely from retirement home to retirement home. Most offer two or three meals per day plus snacks, a recreation program, hospitality services such as housekeeping & laundry, emergency response service and a variety of health care options from

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Are subsidies available for Retirement Homes / Residences?

Subsidies are not available in private pay Retirement Residences in Ontario.

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How much does it cost to live in a Retirement Home / Residence?

The cost of living in a Retirement Residence varies by location, suite type and service package.

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What kind of accommodation is available in Retirement Homes / Residences?

The types of accommodations provided by Retirement Residences vary by location. Most have studio, one-bedroom and two bedroom suites.

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How do I move into a Retirement Home / Residence?

Your choice of Retirement Home/ Residence will be determined by your preferences, your budget and your health care needs. Once you find a residence you like, the staff will meet with you to ensure your needs can safely be met.

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