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A unique opportunity awaits you!

Volunteering provides the opportunity to learn, develop and strengthen your skills while sharing your time.

peopleCare Communities provides a number of different volunteering opportunities – helping with activities, administrative functions, special events and many more.

Share your time and know you are making a difference.

Volunesia: that moment when you forget you’re volunteering to help change lives, because it’s changing yours.”

Two volunteers hugging each other and laughing

How to Become a Volunteer

Step One: Apply

A Volunteer Application Form must be completed to become a volunteer. The application form provides the Volunteer Co-ordinator with information about you, your interests and previous experiences. To receive a Volunteer Application Form, please contact the Home you are interested in volunteering at or complete the information below.

Step Two: Interview

Upon receipt of the completed form, the Volunteer Co-ordinator will contact you to set up an interview. The interview provides the opportunity for Volunteer Co-ordinator to learn more about you, why you want to volunteer, your interests and skills. This is also an opportunity for you to meet the Volunteer Co-ordinator and ask any questions you might have.

Step Three: Criminal Reference Check

All volunteers require a successful criminal reference check. The Volunteer Co-ordinator will provide you with a letter for the police expressing your interest in volunteering with the Home. It is your responsibility to take the letter to the police, obtain the criminal reference check and ensure a copy is brought back to the Home.

Step Four: Orientation and Training

All volunteers complete mandatory orientation and training related to health, safety and their roles and responsibilities. Additional training is provided for roles specific to a department or position.

If you are interested in receiving a form, please complete the information below:

Volunteer Application Form

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to apply to be a volunteer?

It takes an average of four to six weeks to become a volunteer.

How old do you need to be to volunteer?

peopleCare Communities welcomes everyone from the age of 14 and up.

Is there a specific schedule or minimum number of hours required to volunteer?

peopleCare Communities is flexible to your schedule and timelines. We appreciate your time and consideration.