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Commitment to Social Responsibility

Beyond Ourselves

Click to view our 2022 Fundraising Campaign Wrap-Up.

Investing for social impact is foundational to peopleCare and a way of living our Values. Together, and with our partners, we strive to be a positive force for change in our communities and around the globe through MEDA, an NGO that creates business solutions to end poverty.

Like peopleCare, MEDA partners at a local level, finding sustainable ways to meet existing needs and build skills, knowledge and resources for the future, so everyone in the community benefits from greater prosperity and wellbeing. Read peopleCare Chairman and CEO Brent Gingerich’s blog: Tackling Social Issues Through a Shared Value Approach.

Want to learn more about MEDA? Watch our 2021 Giving Tuesday Beyond Ourselves Fireside Chat with Brent and Heather Gingerich, and special guests from MEDA.

Screenshot of a Zoom call where Heather Gingerich is speaking to a number of photos related to MEDA projects

A Long-Term Commitment and Partnership: All funds raised are targeted to MEDA’s Nigeria WAY, a 2017-2024 initiative that will benefit 41,000 people by supporting women and youth entrepreneurs to earn a sustainable living and contribute to the overall welfare of their communities.

Over the past five years – with donation multiplying from government and private foundations taken into account – peopleCare and partners have generated close to $2M for MEDA.

To donate, visit peopleCare’s page on MEDA’s website. MEDA provides tax receipts and will work with peopleCare to acknowledge and amplify all contributions.

Click to view our 2021 Fundraising Campaign Wrap-up.
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