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Vision, Mission, Values

Our Vision To change the world of senior living.

Learn more about how we’re doing so.

Our Mission

Create beautiful, caring communities for life-enriching experiences for residents, their families and everyone touched by our services.

Our Values


Every person touched by our service is treated with care, respect and kindness; with an emphasis on independence, wellness, recognition, education and mentoring.


We look and act with an attitude of kindness using skills and knowledge, both internally and externally, befitting the quality customer service of a peopleCare team member.


We have a passion to consistently exceed expectations.


We are honest, trustworthy, transparent and consistent in our actions.


We embrace change and maximize every opportunity for our people and our organization.

“Today we continue to pursue our family’s mission to serve… we do this by honoring those who have contributed the most in our lives… our seniors.  We create Canada’s most vibrant senior’s communities by hiring and developing the most dedicated, caring and compassionate people who’s values are aligned with ours… we lead our teams with focused professional skills to serve you, and create an environment to enable you to say…  These years are indeed the best years of our lives!”

Brent Gingerich