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Community Partner Update

March 28, 2024

March 2024

peopleCare is on track for one of our most exciting years ever. We’re leading tech-driven care models that will result in better, faster LTC admissions, improving efficiency and satisfaction for residents and staff. We’re rolling out a collaborative approach to supporting our families as care partners. Not to mention we have three LTC Homes in construction — and with the outstanding support of the government, and great partnerships in place, we’re ready to hit the ground running on many others!

Championing Sustainable Development
The peopleCare team was excited to welcome the Minister of Long-Term Care Stan Cho to tour our fast-progressing 128-bed Tavistock LTC redevelopment. Some of the day’s focus was on showcasing how we’re championing sustainable development and wellbeing by teaming up with DER Solutions. Their energy efficient, innovative BluTree air climate systems will improve the indoor air quality for residents and staff in our new LTC Homes.

Huge thank you to the Minister and all our local MPPs for the outstanding support for LTC in the 2024 Ontario budget. We appreciate our government partners engaging with us and working to meet the sector’s needs, even in a time of constraint. These investments will enable peopleCare to continue enhancing care experiences for the people we serve, with highly skilled and caring staff. With the new capital funding we also look forward to accelerating much-needed LTC developments in communities like Tillsonburg, Stratford and Peterborough (on the Trent University campus).

Stay up-to-date on all peopleCare’s Developments

Group of people including the peopleCare team with special guest the Minister of Long-Term Care Stan Cho and partners DER Solutions and Vandel.

Minister of Long-Term Care Stan Cho joins peopleCare team and partners from DER Solutions and Vandel Construction on a tour of the new 128-bed peopleCare Tavistock LTC Home, set to open later this year.

Making Quick Work of our Current LTC Projects
Speaking of bringing new LTC beds into communities quickly, take a look at the quick work we’re making of our developments in Tavistock (opening 2024), Kitchener and Delhi (both opening 2025). Shout-out to our partners at Vandel Construction and SRM Architects, not to mention our municipal partners who are committed to helping us to complete planning approvals in record time.

Collage of the peopleCare AR Goudie LTC Home expansion progress pictures

peopleCare AR Goudie 128-bed LTC expansion will result in a 208-bed LTC Home when opened in 2025


New Resident Retreat Video
For over a decade, once a year peopleCare residents and staff from across our Homes enjoy quality time together at the beautiful Hidden Acres retreat. Residents choose how they want to spend their days, reconnect with nature and delight in leisure pastimes like fishing, nature walks, campfires, movies, reading, painting, card games and more. The unique experience also puts the emphasis on the relationships between people (vs staff and resident). “Enjoying the time together in this way, it feels more like we’re a family,” is how one team member describes it. Creating these kinds of life-enriching experiences for residents and staff to share is at the heart of peopleCare’s mission and one more way we’re changing the world of senior living.

Watch our latest Annual Residents Retreat video on YouTube.

Thumbnail of peopleCare Annual Resident Retreat video showing a smiling woman sitting in nature

Enriching LTC Admissions
At the recent PointClickCare Summit, the peopleCare team shared insights into how we are transforming LTC admissions through our collaborative new ENRICHED model. Tech-enabled, it optimizes innovations that better integrate hospital and LTC transitions with solutions like mobile ePrescribing and peopleCare’s award-winning clinical pharmacy model, with its 24/7 telepharmacy and automated dispensing cabinets. It also maximizes new clinical assessment tools and best practices. Fully implemented, our ENRICHED model will lead to faster access to collaborative, integrated care planning and improved resident, family and staff experiences. We’ll also work with Trent University to research outcomes. Thank you to our partners RNAO, PointClickCare, CareRx, London Health Sciences and THINK Breakthrough.

Watch for us at the upcoming Together We Care Conference in Toronto next month, where we will focus on other aspects of our holistic ENRICHED model including resident- and family centred assessments and care planning.

Image showing the three speakers for the upcoming Together We Care Conference session entitled Improving the Resident, Staff and Family Admission Experience

Supporting peopleCare Families Topic of New Podcast
If you’re looking for a way to create a space where families can connect in a unique way with staff and other families, and build relationships as partners in care, you’ll want to listen to this episode of the Empathy Exchange podcast. Host Deborah Bakti interviews peopleCare Director of Programs Kristen Leal and family member Anita, about their experiences with our collaborative approach to emotional support for families. From Kristen’s book club with Family Council members, to the heartwarming poem Anita wrote for staff called “I See You,” this episode captures the essence of peopleCare’s commitment to building strong relationships between staff and families as partners in care.

Watch Empathy Exchange Episode 9: Embracing Families and their Stories — A Collaborative Approach at peopleCare.

Thumbnail of Empathy Exchange Podcast Episode 9


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