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Sharing the Joy of Creative Movement: NBS Pilot

July 20, 2020

peopleCare is bringing the transformative power of dance to our residents this summer, participating in an exciting dance pilot of creative movement, music and artistic expression.

Beginning July 20, residents and staff in three peopleCare Homes will get into the groove, testing out an internet-based version of Sharing Dance Seniors. Developed by Baycrest and Canada’s National Ballet School (NBS), this safe and accessible dance program engages older adults in meaningful activity that benefits physical, cognitive and overall health.

The six-week “at-home” pilot offers weekly 20-minute seated dance classes, taught by NBS-trained dance instructors and accompanied by a live musician. Each new lesson builds on the previous week and offers two different range of motion options to support inclusion and accessibility.

Along with the pleasure of moving to music, which studies show can result in improved physical health and a boost in emotional and social well-being, peopleCare residents and staff in these initial Homes will work with NBS to evaluate the program. This will help inform improvements ahead of an anticipated broader roll-out in late Fall (e.g. including at more peopleCare Homes).

Since peopleCare families would normally be invited to participate in this type of activity, in-person with their loved one in our Homes, the flexibility of the classes being offered online and open to all is a tremendous benefit. We are sharing the info and links with families and encouraging them to take part at home for the fun of it. Our program leaders are also working on plans to support any family member who would like to try doing a session with their loved one virtually, for example through apps such as Skype or Facetime.

peopleCare’s participation in this pilot supports our commitment to balancing quality of care and quality of life, creating meaningful experiences for our residents and keeping families engaged and connected. Innovation that helps us realize our vision of Changing the World of Senior Living is also a priority.

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For more details on the pilot in peopleCare Homes this summer, please connect with the Director of Programs (long-term care) or Director, Lifestyle and Leisure (retirement) at:

Click the image below for more information on Sharing Dance Seniors – At Home Pilot

Poster for Sharing Dance Seniors - At Home Pilot developed by Baycrest and Canada’s National Ballet School (NBS)