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Resiliency Reboot adds to frontline caregiver wellness toolkit

May 9, 2022

Every year, during National Nursing Week, peopleCare takes the opportunity to celebrate our own Caregiver Appreciation Week and recognize the incredible efforts of all our valued team members. From our nurses and personal support workers to program, dietary, housekeeping, maintenance staff and more, we’re grateful for the dedication of our teams to go above and beyond to support resident health and wellbeing.

One way we’re acknowledging our team members’ many contributions this week is by signing up for the Resiliency Reboot Virtual Experience and Celebration! Aligned with peopleCare’s Recovering Strong Employee Wellness Strategy, this program features four resilience-based virtual educational keynotes delivered by internationally recognized speakers Stephanie Staples and Sarah McVanel.

Our teams will be able to get inspired and rejuvenated through these uplifting talks that focus on reducing burnout and compassion fatigue, revitalizing self-care and equipping healthcare workers with actionable tools and strategies to support wellness at work and home.

1. Happy, Healthy & Hopeful in Healthcare – Restore happiness, wellbeing and purpose to transform into a better caregiver, colleague and human being which translates to improved resident satisfaction, too.

2. Unleash Your Inner Superhero: Anchoring Your Greatness through Self Compassion and Focus – Mine for the greatness within to bolster satisfaction at work and home and remain resilient.

3. Reclaim Your L.I.F.E. – Add unique tools to your resiliency toolkit that can support you in being your best self outside of work, to bring your best self to work.

4.Compassion Fatigue to Compassion Satisfaction: Finding Wellbeing in the Midst of Chaos and Change – Identify symptoms of compassion fatigue, how to manage them and how to continue being an exceptional healthcare worker without sacrificing personal wellbeing.

An image highlighting the four keynotes featured in the Nurses Week Resiliency Reboot

Learn more about the Resiliency Reboot.

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