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Meet our Recovering Strong Champions!

April 6, 2022

Through our Recovering Strong Employee Wellness Strategy, peopleCare is working to provide opportunities for all team members to focus on their personal wellbeing.

Enter our Champions! This enthusiastic bunch are stepping up to help shape a strategy and action plan that is based on their input and feedback from their team members, and supports us all to feel a renewed sense of purpose and revitalized as we transition forward.

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Emma Schmolling, Nursing Staffing Manager
peopleCare AR Goudie LTC

AR Goudie LTC recovering strong champion Emma SchmollingWith peopleCare: 12 years
Wellness go-to: A relaxing bath, visiting the beach, walking and family time
Why I chose to be a Recovering Strong Champion: As I’ve previously worked on the frontline, I can offer my unique perspective on the challenges and impact that COVID has presented for both frontline and home leadership staff.

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Kristen Leal, Director of Programs & Lifestyle
Delhi LTC

Delhi LTC recovering strong champion Kristen LealWith peopleCare: 2 years
Wellness go-to: Reading, lifting weights, finding waterfalls and brewing fresh coffee
Why I chose to be a Recovering Strong Champion: I was excited about the opportunity to do better and be better for my team, supporting their wellness by bringing resources and incentives to them.

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Jason Fisher, Director of Programs
Golden Years LTC

Golden Years LTC recovering strong champion Jason FisherWith peopleCare: 28 years
Wellness go-to: Walking my 3 dogs, connecting with family and friends and travelling
Why I chose to be a Recovering Strong Champion: Having participated in the Walk to Wellness, I feel this initiative is a great way to continue to encourage and motivate colleagues to enjoy an active, healthy lifestyle and support wellness at work.

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Chandra VanLauwe, Recreation Therapist
peopleCare Hilltop Manor LTC

Hilltop Manor LTC recovering strong champion Chandra VanLauweWith peopleCare: 2 years
Wellness go-to: As a dog and horse enthusiast, a ride in the forest with my animals
Why I chose to be a Recovering Strong Champion: I’m an advocate for maintaining balance in life and seeing the glass half full, and I want to help support and inspire my teammates. There is beauty in each day and it brings me joy to share it with others.

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Katrina Tolton, Director of Programs
peopleCare Meaford LTC

Meaford LTC recovering strong champion Katrina ToltonWith peopleCare: 6 years
Wellness go-to: Weekly meal planning and food prep, a good hug and exercise
Why I chose to be a Recovering Strong Champion: As a busy working mom, I see more and more the importance of self-care and wellness for mental health and appreciate the support this initiative provides.

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Jessica Taylor, Personal Support Worker
peopleCare Oakcrossing LTC

Oakcrossing LTC recovering strong champion Jessica TaylorWith peopleCare: 9 years
Wellness go-to: Surrounding myself with loved ones and treating myself to a pedicure
Why I chose to be a Recovering Strong Champion: My coworkers worked tirelessly through challenges brought on by the pandemic. I feel like this is the best way for me to show them my support.

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Flavia Hladysh, Project Program Coordinator
peopleCare Oakcrossing Retirement

Oakcrossing Retirement recovering strong champion Flavia HladyshWith peopleCare: 2 years
Wellness go-to: Massages, physio visits, soaking in the tub, food prep and exercise
Why I chose to be a Recovering Strong Champion: Good health and wellness are key to living a full life. I’m on a lifestyle change to better myself through exercise and eating well. I am very creative and look forward to using my skills to support others.

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Sharon Rodriguez, Applications Administrator
peopleCare Leadership Support Office

With peopleCare: Almost 4 years
Wellness go-to: Designing cartoon characters and anything in the arts
Why I chose to be a Recovering Strong Champion: As a team, we need to support one another, providing that positive work atmosphere; that’s what I want for my colleagues. It’s good to have a reminder of what truly makes you feel at your best.

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Updated as of Jan 2023.