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Innovation focus helps peopleCare stand out as a Best Managed Company

May 10, 2022

Waterloo, Ontario, May 10, 2022 – peopleCare Communities has been named one of Canada’s Best Managed Companies for the ninth straight year, thanks to an unwavering commitment to innovation and collaboration to improve resident care and quality of life, and support staff, families and partners.

Chairman and CEO Brent Gingerich says this sought-after designation is an affirmation of peopleCare’s solutions-focused approach to meeting the needs of the province’s aging adults, which has been a hallmark of this family owned and values-based organization for over five decades.

“peopleCare has a long history of caring for others in the community, and a vision to change the world of senior living, by being innovative and working in partnership with others,” says Gingerich. “We are proud of how our entire organization led through this pandemic with a collective focus on safety, without compromising on our resolve to continuously improve the quality of resident care.”

Innovation has always been an important enabler of peopleCare’s commitment to excellence in operations, care and services. This past year, the organization redoubled its efforts to leverage the health system collaboration that accelerated in the early days of the pandemic, to address long-term care’s (LTC) most urgent priorities. This includes informing COVID solutions, innovating care and programs, creating new pathways to employment in healthcare, and building and redeveloping LTC homes.

Highlighting many of these initiatives during the Best Managed Companies’ comprehensive evaluation process demonstrated peopleCare’s calibre as a visionary leader. For instance, piloting rapid COVID tests and onsite vaccination, researching family caregiver supports and partnering to run community vaccination clinics. We also fostered intergenerational virtual connections between residents and students, created meaningful and sensory-rich home environments and collaborated with London Health Sciences Centre on an ethics program to support resident choice, to name a few.

Megan Allen-Lamb is President of peopleCare. She explains that this year, along with outlining how they motivated and engaged employees, Best Managed Company applicants were asked about their efforts to support employee wellbeing – which is a huge priority for peopleCare and the goal of our industry leading new Recovering Strong Employee Wellness Strategy.

“It’s impossible to look back without recognizing the heart and dedication of our frontline, whose resilience during these trying times has been phenomenal,” says Allen-Lamb. “We are giving employees opportunities to focus on self-care and their own mental health so they will be able to continue caring for our residents in a meaningful way, ultimately helping fulfill our purpose to provide excellent care and create exceptional experiences.”

Over the pandemic, peopleCare has also appreciated having outstanding partners to rely on, including our family caregivers and community partners. This year we renewed our focus on Beyond Ourselves, the organization’s approach to social responsibility and being a force for positive change in our communities and around the globe. It all added up to an enriching experience, living our Values and making a difference in the lives of others as one of Canada’s Best Managed Companies.

peopleCare would like to thank Deloitte and its partners for acknowledging our mission-driven leadership, contributions to meeting the needs of local seniors through intergenerational care campuses and our drive to be a proving ground for resident safety, innovation and excellence.

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About peopleCare Communities
peopleCare Communities is a Canadian, family owned and mission-driven leading operator of senior living communities, with strong values and a 50-year history of service. We are committed to engagement and collaboration to create vibrant communities of care that deliver meaningful experiences, clinical best practices, engaging programs and integrated services that meet seniors’ changing needs. peopleCare’s innovation focus and leadership has earned Accreditation Canada Exemplary Status, Canada’s Best Managed Companies Platinum designation, and the single largest research grant from the Ontario Centres of Excellence, which funded our award-winning Clinical Pharmacy Model, a first-of-its-kind for long-term care in Canada. One of peopleCare’s Homes was recently named an ISMP Champion supporting the government’s Strengthening Medication Safety in LTC Initiative. Our vision is to Change the World of Senior Living.  

For more information: Sheena Campbell, Vice President, Communications and Engagement