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From House to Suite

June 6, 2017

You have made the decision to move to a lovely new home – a retirement residence. A decision that we hope will bring you great happiness… you will make new friends, have security and peace-of-mind and enjoy the many services provided.

Before you can begin relishing the experience, you may have to downsize from a house or condominium to a more modestly sized suite. We hope to help you through this transition. peopleCare has learned a great deal of practical advice about how to make it a positive experience.

The Basics

Look into organizations that coordinate entire moves. Specialists will:

What Stays, What Goes

Once you have decided what you would like to take with you, it is time to decide on how to dispose of the remaining items. Some ideas . . .


There are a variety of organizations you can refer to for advice to help make the move easier.

Moving Day
Your New Lifestyle

This is an exciting new experience. Many residents tell us that they wish they had moved into their retirement residence years before. They have made so many friends and have new treasured memories.

Look forward to your move because it is the first step in what can be a wonderful new life experience.