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Congratulations to peopleCare’s 2023 Values Award Winners

June 16, 2023

As a values-based organization, each year peopleCare acknowledges and celebrates employees who live our Values and go above and beyond to exceed the expectations of our residents, families, partners and communities.

We would like to extend our heartfelt appreciation and congratulations to the 35 very deserving 2023 Values Awards Winners from across the peopleCare organization.

Click to view a video slideshow of this year’s Values Award Winners.

L to R: Values winners Mazhar Muhammed, Mitchel Spence and Abigail McCraw of Oakcrossing LTC with Executive Director Deb Sims

Brent and Heather Gingerich are third-generation family owners of peopleCare Communities. Both couldn’t be more proud of how our employees continue to embrace the Values that have been the pillars of the organization for over fifty years.

“Whether it’s through a smile, a kind word, assisting a coworker, leading a committee or simply being that ear that listens, our Award Winners make a conscious choice to live our Values within our Homes each and every day. In a very positive way, this shapes how we care for residents,” says Heather. “With sincere gratitude, thank you to this year’s winners and nominees for setting an example of excellence across the organization.”

Heather Gingerich (standing) toasts Delhi LTC Values winners (L to R) Dee Wilson, Gennifer Prado-Whitehead, Tanya Morris and Danielle Parkin

The 2023 Awards program generated a record number of nominations, more than 120 from our long-term care homes, retirement home and leadership support office. The quality of the nominations, and stories of how each nominee lives our Values in caring for residents and supporting their coworkers, was nothing short of inspirational. And it made the job of the selection committee that much harder!

Special thanks to the committee, which included Eva Nielson, peopleCare’s payroll supervisor, as well as Dr. Tracey Hughes – one of peopleCare’s Medical Directors – and representatives from our valued partners ProResp Inc., Seasons Care Dietitian Network, Arvan Rehab Group and Medical Mart.

Leadership Support Team Values winners (L to R) Sharon Rodriguez, Hannah Schelling and Sydney Taylor

This year’s winners were honoured at their Homes by their fellow team members, residents and families with heartfelt thank you letters, team celebrations, treats and more. Winners were also invited to a special Values Awards luncheon at the Puddicombe House in New Hamburg with speeches, gifts, delicious food and a champagne toast.

President Megan Allen-Lamb celebrating Values winners

“I am incredibly honoured to have received an award,” says Sam Pace, who is a Concierge at peopleCare’s Oakcrossing Retirement Living. “I also had a great time at the Values Award ceremony. Everyone was full of excitement in celebration of all who attended. I felt so appreciated and it was awesome to hear the stories and good things all of us across peopleCare provide to our lovely residents.”

Danielle Parkin is an RPN on the peopleCare team at Delhi Long-Term Care and another of the 2023 Values Award recipients. Like Sam, she also appreciated the opportunity to take part in an inspiring and heartfelt afternoon.

“It was wonderful to see all of our Homes come together and celebrate each other and our achievements. I am so grateful to work for an organization formed around values and support for their staff,” says Danielle.

A big heartfelt congratulations to our 2023 Award Winners and nominees. Thank you for all that you do to live our Values in our Homes every day, and in doing so, create caring homes for our residents, where their needs are met and they have wonderful experiences and quality of life.

peopleCare Values Awards Luncheon 2023

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