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Musician in Residence Program

Enriching Lives

Oakcrossing Retirement Living has launched the new and innovative Inter-Generational Musician in Residence Program.

The program welcomes three Graduate and Upper Year students from the Western University Faculty of Music to live in the retirement home in exchange for being active members of the community. This includes taking their music practice into the common areas for all to enjoy, giving recitals and helping residents revive their own instrumental skills. Students will also join in meals and everyday socializing such as participating in special events and activities or simply watch a movie together. In exchange, the students receive complimentary housing in the retirement home.

Oakcrossing Retirement Living Invites University Students to Live with Seniors

 Social Seniors

Jason Osler, from the CBC, speaks with future Residents of Oakcrossing Retirement Living about the why they are excitied about the Student Live-In Program.