peopleCare carries on the Schlegel-Gingerich family tradition of providing homes where people care. By the late 1960's LeRoy and Ruth Schlegel's neighborliness was well known in Oxford County. Over the years the Schlegel farm near Tavistock, Ontario had seen visitors regularly fill the family home, each enjoying legendary hospitality. In 1968 the Schlegel's began caring for elderly neighbors in a converted school house in Tavistock. The couple's natural consideration for others had become a fitting apprenticeship that would prove instrumental in the founding of peopleCare.


Today, peopleCare has developed an outstanding reputation in the long-term health-care field. Three generations have helped shape this family owned organization. The peopleCare philosophy, family continuity and in-depth experience all lend substance to our motto, a place where peopleCare.


peopleCare is a place where seniors are treated with dignity, respect and love. It's a place where the mind is exercised, the spirit honored, and individuality celebrated. For complete details download the PDF version of our brochure.